About Spire

Spire Structural Engineering is the vision of an experienced, knowledgeable engineer with a trained background. The founder, Jeremy Welton, SE, reveres the practice of structural engineering as truly meaningful work.

Structure is the underlying foundation of life, exhibited in our skeletal frame and the seams in our clothing. It is in molecular compounds such as table salt, in the walls of our homes and offices, and in the welds of our automobiles. Structure is a systematic arrangement of elements and a fundamental interconnection between them, and it makes nearly every aspect of life possible.

Structure makes “form” possible, and form makes the architectural statement. As such, Spire Structural Engineering is determined to provide its clients with rock-solid structural designs that utilize cost-effective, constructible techniques and creative, inspired detailing as needed to help owners and architects make their thoughts and ideas a reality. Spire Structural Engineering looks forward to working with you to achieve your vision.

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