CAD / Drafters

Malin Puckett – BIM/CAD Manager

Malin joined Spire as the Drafting Manager in March of 2016. Malin holds a BA degree in Applied Mathematics from the American Military University and a Technical Engineering Certification since 2008. Malin worked as a Civil Engineer with the United States Army for 8 years. He is an accomplished draftsman and mentor to junior draftsmen and engineers.

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Brian Moore, Sr. Structural Drafter

Brian has been an integral part of Spire since December, 2012. From our Northern California office, Brian works on various projects throughout the state.

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Bhaskaran Subbiah – Structural Drafter

“BhaSu” has been with Spire since January 2016. He received his education from Cal State Fullerton in Construction Management.  BhaSu has 10 plus years of experience as a structural draftsman.

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Roy Badua – Structural Drafter

Roy has been with Spire since March 2018. He received his education from Saddleback College majoring in Architecture.

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