Professional Engineers

Josh Plummer, Professional Engineer

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Josh Plummer is a project manager at Spire and received his California SE license back in 2004. He has focused his career on industrial structures and structural analysis with an emphasis in structural dynamics. He received his undergraduate degree in Structural Engineering from the University of California, San Diego in 1996. Josh is a licensed Professional and Structural Engineer in the State of California. After graduating, he worked for Fluor Daniel for a number of years before moving on to RISA Technologies where he became Vice President of Engineering. His expertise covers all types of structural analysis, and steel design including extensive work on steel connections. Outside of work Josh’s leisure activities include swimming, yoga, and extensive reading. On the weekends he can often be found attending one of his daughter’s volleyball games.

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 Alyssa Cornett, PE


Alyssa joined Spire as an engineer-in-training in July 2008, and later received her license as a Professional Engineer in Civil Engineering in 2013. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona with focus on structural design and bridge engineering.  Prior to employment at Spire Structural Engineering, she had work experience in drafting, welding, and team leadership. Alyssa is also a lifetime member of Chi Epsilon and Tau Beta Pi engineering honor societies. Alyssa performs all the responsibilities of a project engineer at Spire, including lateral seismic/wind and gravity design of new buildings, analysis and/or retrofit of existing buildings, and design of components and cladding (including equipment anchorage). When not working at the office, Alyssa enjoys exploring creative outlets such as her passions for cooking, catering and singing in choir.  Free time is often enjoyed reading, going for walks, tending her garden or doing arts-and-crafts. She also occasionally spends time traveling, enjoying fine arts, hiking, skiing/snowboarding and surfing.

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Yaz Rabadi, MS, PE

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Yazen “Yaz” Rabadi is a Professional Engineer licensed in California and Texas. He studied at CSU Long Beach and CSU Fullerton, receiving his Masters of Science Degree in Structural Engineering and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering, respectively. Yaz received honor role during his masters program for being top 5% of the engineering graduate program. Yaz also continues to stay up to date with all changes in building codes pertaining to the structural engineering field by spending time out of work studying and reviewing material. Yaz has worked on projects all over the world, from Dubai to Irvine, CA. His expertise is in designing and coordinating projects and providing detailed solutions and problem solving techniques in concrete, CMU, wood, and steel structures. When away from working at the office, Yaz appreciates quality time spent with the wife and two kids. Yaz’s two kids are in elementary school and he considers himself a hands on father. His main hobbies are playing soccer during the weekend and daily 5k walks. Yaz also enjoys traveling and is not afraid of exploring different places around the world.

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Colby Leslie, Project Engineer


Colby joined the Spire team in February 2016. He graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a bachelor of science degree in Architectural Engineering in 2014 and received his professional engineers license in civil engineering in 2017. Colby has structural design experience across a variety of project types including the design of new buildings as well as the retrofit and remodel of existing structures. Outside of the office Colby enjoys spending time with his wife and spending time outdoors including surfing, camping, and hiking.

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